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In “Caregiving for the Enemy: The Raw Truth,” Dr. Stephanie Chandler offers a compelling exploration of the challenges and complexities of caregiving, especially when the caregiver faces adversity from those they are helping. Drawing on the historical example of US military chaplains who provided aid and comfort during the Civil War regardless of the soldiers’ allegiances, Dr. Chandler presents a unique perspective on offering care without engaging in hostility. This book details the author’s personal journey and the broader implications of caregiving when the caregiver becomes a casualty of emotional warfare. It provides practical strategies for navigating the caregiving battlefield, offering support and guidance for those who may find themselves caring for individuals who lash out or cause emotional pain.


Through a transparent and personal narrative, Dr. Chandler shares invaluable insights and specific considerations for anyone taking on a caregiving role, whether professionally or personally. “Caregiving for the Enemy” is essential for understanding how to provide care and comfort with grace and endurance, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Caregiving for the Enemy: The Raw Truth

  • 6x9

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