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Stephanie Chandler

Stephanie Chandler

Founding Executive & CEO

Stephanie Chandler, D.Min. is the Founding Executive Director of New Life Community Outreach and Spiritual Life Coach in Washington, DC—metropolitan area. Stephanie is a highly skilled leader, facilitator, communicator, and author of Caregiving for the Enemy: The Raw Truth. She is adept at building relationships and partnerships within any organization and beyond. As an ordained Minister, Stephanie received her doctoral degree in Chaplaincy at Capital Seminary & Graduate School. She also received education in Trauma and Crisis Counseling at Regent University. Stephanie has a multi-faceted work experience in Corporate, Federal/State Gov’t, Non-profits, and Healthcare. She has provided clinical pastoral care for hospital patients, focusing on those with mental illnesses, hospice care, counseling, visitations, and spiritual guidance. Stephanie excels in program operations support, development and implementation of mentoring programs for youth and adults, and international consultations.

I was frustrated in 2021 when I became mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted until I could no longer function. I was an emotional train wreck! I struggled with depression from my teenage years and onward without realizing it. In fact, I was unaware of depression or its effect on a person and went on to believe that “it is what it is.” I channeled my feelings by keeping busy. However, it was in 2021 that took me to a heightened degree of depression; although I understood the disorder better by this time, I could ask for help to control my emotions. The mental health crisis is profound, and I can draw from my own experience and education.

When I started this non-profit, I wanted to help children by helping their mothers live a better quality of life. My convictions increased the desire to help all to heal and rebuild to get back on the road to recovery. I hope New Life Community Outreach can make a difference in your communities. We invite everyone into honest and unfiltered conversations on personal and progressive topics that will lead to your healing process. Please tell me what topic(s) you are interested in hearing more about or would like to comment on.

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