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Group of Happy People


Here at New Life Community Outreach, we are advocates for change. We are dedicated to impacting the lives of young single parents - socially, spiritually, and holistically - to change through our involvement and investment in their lives. We are committed to helping single parents climb the economic ladder with a clear strategy and determination to end the cycle of self-poverty, live productive lives, and become the best parents they can be.

Our motto is Help the Parent, Help the Child. The crisis we face is that many are unprepared for parenthood and distraught by their circumstances. The children suffer because of their parent’s inability to parent them or their unhealthy lifestyle properly, which leads to chronic homelessness, relapsed drug addiction, or involvement in toxic relationships.

Single-Parenting Experience

We have developed a 15-week Parenting Training Program called R.I.P.E.N.: the permissible fruit for life. We consider the whole person—the emotional, social, and spiritual nature of each single parent in an effort to realize that they affect their environment, which affects them. Our program is based on values, is family-oriented, and promotes well-balanced, healthy parents to become valuable contributors in their homes and communities.

Group of Happy People


Dominique with her child

"I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with Ms. Stephanie for the parenting experience. Not only did I learn so much about myself, but I also gained knowledge from other mothers that have similar struggles as myself. Being in this program taught me that God loves me through it all, the highs and lows. I have opened up in so many ways, sharing things that most times I might have held back. I am doing so much better now, not just as a person but as a mother as well. Each day I'm finding new ways to love my son and not take out my frustration on him. I know that what I do today affects his future. I'm so thankful for this opportunity, definitely needed in my daily lifestyle. Thank you so much, Ms. Stephanie, for investing your time in my life!"


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